Want to Sell More? Ask Good Questions First

Want to sell more? Ask good questions!

Want to sell more? Ask more questions, provide solutions later. Recently I walked in to the retail store of my cellphone provider in order to purchase a new car charger. After asking the purpose for my visit the salesperson offered to test my current car charger to ensure it was really broken. Upon seeing it her first words were to trash the brand since I hadn’t bought one “made” by my cellphone provider. The second salesperson when ringing up the new charger kept telling me how I could save more money if I had 4 cellphone lines. I’m a sole proprietor and not sure how 4 lines would help me. The salesperson kept pushing. I left feeling resentful about the whole process. Has this happened to you? You can prevent your customers from having a bad experience with your product or service by asking good open ended questions including:
“What brings you in today?”
“How can I help?”

Get to the root cause of the customer’s problem and if you want to sell, ask questions about their businesses, their current struggles and challenges. Ask first, sell later.

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