Are You Procrastinating?

Are you procrastinating? I’ve heard it said that “’Some day’ is not a day of the week” When are you going to get to your to do list or even more importantly that big assignment?

There are always unpleasant things that we try to put off to doing later or perhaps another day. Reports, difficult projects, even things around the house. Sometimes that means we end up doing things at the last minute much to our detriment and then we have to get things done which can cause mistakes to happen and our work to be less that it could be. We end up tired, frustrated and not working at our best.

In order to overcome procrastination – just get started. If it is a difficult task set a timer for 15-30  minutes and just get working. At the end of the 15 minutes you’ll see that you’ve been able to take a bite out of what seemed to be a beast of an assignment. Try working on it for another period of time.

Also know your best time in the day. If you are a morning person, tackle the tough stuff then. Afternoon person? Do the opposite. Set milestone goal along the way, a timeline, and a deadline. Reward yourself for accomplishing small parts of your assignment.

Are there things in your workplace that distract you? Social media is a big one – put the phone away and log out of social media. If you need to concentrate more see if there is a workspace where you can focus if you work in an open concept  environment, or shut your door if you have one. Sometimes an accountability partner can be a great motivator, tell someone what your goal is and have them check in on you. 

Finally set a deadline for when you want to accomplish your project or assignment and celebrate when it is done!

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