Getting Feedback From Employees – A Great Opportunity to Learn

Great leaders and managers give employees on feedback on a regular basis Employees want to know specifically when they have done a good job so that that performance continues. In the same way it is important not to let performance issues linger so that they become a problem.

What about getting feedback from your team as a leader? How comfortable are you with that? Your team will see your strengths and areas for development. How do you get feedback from them? Make it comfortable, set a tone where employees feel that two way communication will be welcome. If you want to make it really easy, a 360 degree tool can gather feedback not only from your team but also your peers and manager. Review the information you get from your team and get back to them with a plan on what you intend to do differently. Lastly thank them for their input. You may learn some important lessons and it will help create an environment of greater trust and openness.

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