“Put Down Your Phone!”

  • Said one colleague to another.

This is a real issue for nearly all of us. You’re standing in line at Starbuck’s. You’re waiting at a stoplight. You’re walking down the street. You’re playing with your kids. You are in a meeting. You’re always looking at your phone.

You may be reading this post on your phone!

We can spend hours if not days on our phones without realizing it and it takes away from building business relationships.

One of your colleagues may be addicted to Twitter, others Facebook or checking to see if a response to that email has come in.

What can you do?

Set up team ground rules – some teams have baskets for cell phones in meetings. At the start of every meeting everyone puts their phone in the basket and collects it at the end of the meeting. It ensures that everyone stays focused and on task.

Try it at home too! You’d be surprised how many people are on their phones all the time too. Take a break, have a conversation, make eye-contact and build that relationship.

Our phones are very useful but sometimes we need to put them down.

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