Take Some Time to Learn

As a learning and development professional I see the positive impact of people learning in the workplace all the time. Whether it is reading a good business article or blog, participating in a webinar, online learning or class, we leave refreshed with new thoughts, ideas and solutions to current challenges.

We all need to keep learning new things to grow in our careers. So what stops us? We get busy. Emails come in, clients, colleagues and managers want our time. So what can you do? Good time management helps. Also look for learning opportunities that are right in front of you. See a colleague do a great presentation? Note what was effective and think about what you can incorporate into your next presentation. See a manager diffuse a tough customer situation. Talk to her after and find out how she became skilled in that area.

For more formal learning? Make time on your calendar. Even if is reading a new business book 15 minutes a day you’ll get something out of it. Commit to your own development and see where it takes you!

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