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DSCN0662Complimentary Assessment

Pro Way Development begins its engagements through a complimentary assessment. We are pleased to meet with you to review your current human resources practices, identify your priorities and create a plan to help you meet the human resources goals that drive your business.



Problems We Solve

Today’s challenging business environment is driving human resource professionals to deliver value across a broad spectrum. As a result, HR is rapidly moving beyond workforce administration and is quickly taking on the broader initiative of driving and sustaining a competitive advantage for the organization through the management of its human capital.

In order to accommodate this shift in focus, Pro Way Development works with clients to help them evaluate their performance and improve their HR effectiveness. We accomplish this in a number of ways, including:

  • Assessing the HR operation to evaluate the effectiveness of HR processes and service delivery practices.


Attraction, Motivation and Retention of Talent

We help you review your current job postings and sourcing sites and help you attract the right talent for the right positions.  In addition, we:

  • Develop impactful recruiting, on-boarding, development, retention, and succession planning processes
  • Assisting employers in the evaluation of the talent management technology environment and selecting and implementing appropriate solutions
  • Developing employee communications and “employer of choice” branding
  • Developing and incorporating change management solutions to help employees embrace new programs, policies and a self-service culture
  • Diagnosing opportunities to streamline, automate, redesign HR activities
  • Designing and implementing health and group benefit programs that make the most of available budgets 
  • Benchmarking compensation and group benefits offerings to validate market competitiveness
  • Administering day to day needs so that you can focus on the business, these include:
  • Developing and implementing employee handbooks
  • Revising and reviewing policies, procedures and processes
  • Preparing and revising job descriptions
  • Managing new hires and terminations
  • Reviewing and advising on employee files
  • Helping you stay up to date with employment laws


When working with you, you are able to solve your employee relations problems quickly and effectively.  We assist in disciplinary issues by:

  • Drafting disciplinary and warning letters
  • Following up with managers regarding open employee issues
  • Responding to managers with advice regarding problem employees
  • Training managers to give behavioral feedback


Other Human Resources Services

Pro Way Development also offers services for individuals and larger employers:

  • Onsite Human Resources support on a daily or other predetermined basis as your outsourced human resources department
  • Provide outplacement services for terminated employees

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Human Resources Audit

Ensuring you are compliant with federal and local employment laws is critical to avoid investigations and be prepared for ones that do occur. Pro Way Development reviews your practices surrounding:

  • Core Management Practices
  • Staffing and Talent Management
    • Employee Files
  • New Employee Orientation and Onboarding
  • Wage and Hour Compliance
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Employee Relations
    • Conducting State Mandated Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  • Discrimination Prevention
  • Workers’ Compensation
    • Investigations
  • Employee Separation



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