Laura kept us engaged the entire time. The class interaction was very helpful”

Jami H after attending Making the Transition to Management

“My non-profit organization needed some basic skills training for an incoming, young workforce. Many of our new employees have great enthusiasm and excellent education, but not a lot of practical business experience. I contacted the AMA and was referred to Laura as a trainer for our program. Laura was excellent at her follow-through and contacting me several times in advance of our program to ensure she was covering everything I needed her to cover. During the course of our conversations, I continually added components to the 2-day training that were not in the selected syllabus. Laura never flinched. She took my comments and suggestions, went back to the drawing board and…voila! Appeared on our doorstep with a totally integrated, customized program that was invaluable to me and to the team.

Laura is an engaged instructor, a personable facilitator and an excellent resource. I thoroughly enjoyed her as a person, and her training far exceeded my expectations. The results are obvious as I watch my team’s interactions post-training.

I would recommend Laura to any organization who is looking for a truly hands-on and experienced professional who is able to easily adapt to all personality types and bring both fun and challenges to our learning. She was excellent.

Carey Palmquist Executive Director – Operation Warm, Inc.

“Laura’s training session was fantastic. I was impressed with her ability to provide a vast amount of insightful management training in a short period of time, constructing the session to provide for an array of management levels. She is personable, well spoken, experienced, knowledgeable and I would recommend her for all levels of management training.”

Ame Strong, Rosco Laboratories

“Laura recently developed and conducted a virtual training program for one of my clients as part of their workplace evolution. She did a wonderful job creating content that was applicable to all 100+ trainees. In addition, she was very versatile in learning the client’s web conferencing tools and how to engage the remote workers throughout the multi-hour training sessions.”

John Anderson

“Laura recently developed and conducted a virtual training program for one of my clients as part of their workplace evolution. She did a wonderful job creating content that was applicable to all 100+ trainees. In addition, she was very versatile in learning the client’s web conferencing tools and how to engage the remote workers throughout the multi-hour training sessions.

Becca Nell. President Argyle Project Management.

“Laura did a great job of designing a curriculum for our mostly very young staff and adapting on the fly”

Richard Lalley, Operation Warm after a custom leadership program.

“Laura was a great help when we were looking to add to the staff in our small company. She helped me clarify my requirements and write a detailed job-posting, which she suggested we post on two websites. Both of these job-postings got results, and Laura’s suggestions were quite helpful when it came to interviewing the candidates and having them fill out a job application. Laura helped me completely rework and revise our Employee Handbook, and this resulted in a more professional workplace where we were in compliance with up-to-date requirements. In addition to being totally professional, Laura is friendly, efficient and easy to work with and I would highly recommend her services to anyone with HR needs”

Jeff Price Gallerist at Artists’ Market Inc.

“Laura really made the material hit home.  She was willing and able to answer real life questions and give suggestions.”

Carol P. after attending a program on Time Management.

Laura is a knowledgeable, well spoken, engaging speaker for management training and career coaching. I truly enjoyed taking Laura’s course on Skills for New Managers – and was surprised at how much I learned. Her use of various teaching techniques, such as role play, and group work, were both entertaining and educational. Not what I expected at all!

Her experience is welcoming to those with difficult questions and situations, she can guide individuals and groups to mutually beneficial outcomes. I truly enjoyed learning from Laura and highly recommend her to any business looking for effective leadership training.

Ariel Handelman Director of Marketing and Creative Services at The New York Botanical Garden

“Laura was able to engage everyone, even those who were hesitant to participate.”

Janelle H. After attending a program on communications.

 “Not only did Laura take the time to share some of her experiences in the past but she would inquire about our current role and how things applied. This course has boosted my confidence in my new management position. This course was so much better than I thought it would be, Laura is awesome! She was engaging and the pace and knowledge base were spot on.”

Jill S. After attending a program on management skills.

“Laura involved the group in all activities. She didn’t force participation but rather encouraged it which I find makes people more comfortable.”

Kate M. after attending a program on management skills for new supervisors.

“This course exceeded my expectations and I will recommend it.”

Igor G. after attending a program on management development

“Laura was very approachable and very knowledgeable. I am not much for group exercises, she used them in a way that kept me engaged.”

Victor D. after attending a two-day management skills seminar by Laura Jacob.

“Laura is an engaging speaker who kept my attention, answered questions and presented the material clearly.”

Carrie D. after participating in a program with Laura Jacob

Laura is knowledgeable, entertaining, knows how to keep you focused and recognizes when breaks are needed.”

Catalina S after attending a seminar run by Laura Jacob

At Jewish Family Service of Stamford’, we run an Employment & Training Division. Recently, as part of our educational outreach, we ran a seminar for our clients. We hired Laura to work with us here to come up with a focus, and ideas. She was most helpful in pairing down the important job search skills to better provide for our clients. We have a more mature population and many feel a barrier to finding employment when navigating in the job market due to their circumstances. Together, we came up with a specific topic: “Tips for Energizing and Optimizing Success in the Job Search process” based on our clients’ needs.

This was the second time we’ve engaged Laura as a Career Coach, and as always, it was a pleasure working with her. Laura’s “easy” style of delivery, along with her pleasant demeanor, thoughtful interactions and participatory exercises, kept our client’s connected to the topic at hand. They consistently responded in a positive manner during the 2 hour class and enthusiastically gave positive evaluations both to the seminar content and Laura’s contributions. According to the feedback, the mock interview and the pre-interview preparation were especially well received.

I know that our attendees walked away with a much better sense of what is needed to prepare for a job interview. Hopefully, this knowledge will not only better prepare them for face to face meetings, but will result in greater self confidence.

Jodi Maxner Jewish Family Service

We at JFS look forward to engaging Laura again and we recommend her expertise and her work.

I loved the listening exercise. You have a nice style of teaching and I was engaged throughout the day.”

S. Mahari after attending a customized management seminar taught by Laura Jacob

I found the exercise with the straws and staples to be extremely revealing. It was interesting to see how much having an interested and engaged manager can mean to the success of a project.”

E. Romano after day one of a two day management program.

The videos and notebook were useful however Laura’s examples were much more useful in understanding the topics. I’m thankful I took the workshop. It has definitely provided me with more tool to be a successful and effective manager

Kimberly N after attending 2 day seminar with Laura Jacob

Overall Laura did a marvelous job teaching the class. I would certainly attend another of her courses.”

Serge F after attending a 3 day seminar on how to be a better IT manager.

Laura was excellent in including the class, bringing in additional information”

Annalynn L after attending a 3 day seminar on how to be a better IT manager.

Laura kept us engaged with examples of life experiences of the participants. You rock!

Janet S. after attending a two-day workshop with Laura





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