Case Studies

Time Management Fuji Film NY


The US IT department of FUJIFILM needed time management training for its staff both at its headquarters location as well as virtually across the US. We created a live online customized program for them that met their objectives and helped their staff take better control of their time.

Organizational Development

Organizational Development

Perot Systems serving in-house at UBS wanted to develop employees on a number of levels. We created a competency (i.e., a matrix) that guided employees at all levels on the skills needed to move ahead in the organization. This matrix helped employees meet their development plans by directing them to books, websites, e-learning and in-person training to help them meet their objectives

Human Resources Training Laura Jacob

Change Management

Blyth, Inc. announced the dissolution of a large division, 40% of its business. The human resources employees were meeting two weeks after the announcement for their annual planning meeting, so we created a change management training program for them to help them cope with this divestiture. This training relieved the stress of team and helped them plan for the new organizational structure. This project was completed on budget and on time.

HR Consulting


Cartridge World of Fairfield County had two locations, but was not attracting appropriate candidates for a specific position, despite a loose labor market. We redesigned the job position and job description, and reevaluated where the client was advertising for help. Based on our changes, the client was able to hire this key employee at the right level and compensation. We were their outsourced HR department.

Team Building

Harassment Investigation

TRCO World had a claim of harassment in the workplace by a staff member. We conducted an investigation to the satisfaction of all parties that prevented claims to the EEOC and litigation.

training and development


Achieve Mission lacked basic human resources structures, including processes for goal-setting, job descriptions, performance appraisals and compensation. We provided consulting to help them achieve human resources objectives that would drive their business results.



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