Career Coaching


Our coaching is about support and feedback. As your coach, we will ask “What are your challenges? What are you not doing? What do you need to do to improve? When are you going to do that?”

We help you to clarify your values. When your values are in line with your life and career, greater success is possible.

We help you create a vision for the future. Start with the end in mind. With a vision you are much more likely to succeed than someone that doesn’t know where they’re going. As your Coach, we can see what you don’t see. We help bring out the best in you. Have you ever had someone truly interested in your success? Coaching will take you to your limits and you’ll love it.

As your coach, we will be an unbiased partner whose only goal is your success. We are a third party here to help guide you through your thought processes. Coaching is for clients who are ready to make changes in their life. You tell us what you want to work on and we provide the tools, and encouragement to make it happen.

What coaching isn’t:

Coaching is not the same as consulting. A consultant will provide recommendations regardless of whether it suits you and in many cases, will implement the actions. Very often, clients do not want to implement the changes because they have no motivation or they do not like the advice. As your coach, we will help you figure out what you do best, make a plan, and stay with you as you implement the plan.

It’s no accident that professional athletes have coaches – they know the value of partnership. Our coaching style is uniquely tailored to you, to meet the goals and objectives you hope to achieve.

Coaching isn’t a quick fix. Coaching is a partnership between coach and client where you must be ready to do the work to achieve your potential.

How Coaching Works:

Coaching begins with a look at the wheel of life to see where you are most content and where there is room for growth. From there we set a plan to help you become your best self. We work with you to identify what you really want, what you value, what you want to accomplish in the short and long term and what obstacles you need to overcome for you to get there.

Depending on your needs, we can work on specific goals, and as appropriate, on specific skills including proficiency in clear communication, time management, organizational skills and people management skills.

With over twenty years of learning and development and coaching experience we work with you to help you get clarity in your life. If you’re looking for a partner to help you become your best self, please consider hiring us as your coach. We enjoy working with clients like you who are smart, motivated and looking to achieve their best potential. We use our training, tools and experience to help you get where you want to be.

Please call Laura Jacob at (416) 917 8813 or email for a complimentary consultation and to begin your journey to a path of clarity and a sense of well-being.



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