teambuilding1Our consulting practice provides both quick fixes and project based consulting to our clients. We work directly with you to identify and assist with:

  • Employee coaching
  • Employee and management training
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Organizational development interventions
  • Succession planning
  • Team building
  • Talent management


New Manager Onboarding and Success

Studies show that almost 40% of new managers and leaders fail in the first 18 months due to their inability to meet performance expectations. Leadership failure can be measured by either termination, resignation or just viewed in the organization as ineffective.  Failure rates are likely even higher since organizations tend to endure poor performance.

One of the main reasons for failure is how the manager is integrated into the job.  Often too little attention is paid to increasing the likelihood that the investment in the new leader pays off.  This is based on the erroneous assumption that the new leader is highly experienced and will be able to adjust to the new responsibilities on their own.

Pro Way Development provides customized 90-day solutions to ensure that your new managers and leaders succeed in their new roles and continue contributing to your company’s success.

teambuilding3Team Building

Pro Way Development helps identify the keys to success for your teams, ensuring that the concept “together everyone achieves more” becomes a reality.  Whether is it a short training session on how to create and lead successful teams or a one day off-site where we incorporate both work and fun, we can help your teams transform their culture to achieve greater success.

teambuilding2We recently worked with a leader in reward marketing  using the creation of a meal as a way to bring this group together and foster deeper ties and understanding.  Following a session where the group explored ways how they would draw on each other’s strengths, they were able to make commitments about how they were going to work more effectively as a team.









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