Be a Better Listener

Communication is important at work and home. Everyone is asked to interact with more people (leaders, suppliers, co-workers, etc.) on a regular basis. Our interactions are more demanding (e.g., ideas for improvement, problem solving, planning). Handling interactions effectively affects how well you do your job and your home life.

What important is to be a great listener. A great listener was once described as someone who understands that listening is “a skill, to demonstrate you understand feelings and thoughts from the other person’s point of view.” The key quality to good listening is that you summarize what you think you heard in your own words, and say it back, while paraphrasing. The good news about listening, or active listening as it is also known is that you can’t go wrong. Listen and get the message wrong and the person you are talking to will correct you.

 What will this active listening do for you? It will ensure that you have heard the other person and demonstrated that to them. That ensures respect and builds relationships.

Be a better listener and see where it takes you!

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