Ask Great Questions

Kids ask questions all the time. Sometimes we get tired of answering them they ask so many. But it also shows that they have a level of curiosity and openness that we sometimes lose as we get older. “Children are great questioners, and as they get older they question less. The same thing is true with companies,” says Warren Berger, innovation expert and author of The Book of Beautiful Questions.

It is important to sit back and reflect on how a good question can be helpful to us. It is important for organizations and individuals in order to stay fresh.

There are so many good questions that can help move you forward. “Why?” questions often help us to understand a problem.  “What if?” questions help to spark new ideas and various ways of seeing a particular issue. It is really a great way to brainstorm either on your own or with others. “How?” types of questions narrow the focus and help you choose a great way to implement what you are thinking of working on. Good advice I’ve read suggest that you don’t get stuck in the “What if?” stage for too long as much fun as it could be as you could stray from your main purpose.

“It’s about how human beings solve problems—first they have to understand, then imagine, then do,” Warren says. Good lessons for us all.

I’d love to know what powerful question you are asking inside your organization that will propel you forward.

Speak Your Mind