How to Solve Problems at Work

We all have problems to solve at work and sometimes get suck. So what can you do about it?

Be on the lookout for new information when you are working on a problem. Gather related data will spark a new idea. Staring at a particular problem for a long period of time can lead to frustration. Break out of the mold and try something new.

Try looking at the problem from a new perspective. What if you were someone who knew nothing about the topic? What if you were an expert on the topic? What if you flipped the problem upside down – what’s something new that you would learn?

Sometimes you just need a break. You’re working hard on a particular project and waiting for that bought of inspiration to come but it doesn’t. It can get frustrating to look at the same problem over and over again and make no progress. Fresh eyes can help. Sometimes to get that next wave of creative energy you need to take a break from what you are working on and do something else and come back to it late.

Expand your horizons. Read an article on a different topic. Talk to a colleague. Get some additional input. These ideas should help you be a better problem solver at work.

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