Is High Productivity a Myth?

Today we are asked to work faster and faster but at what cost? How good is the work that we are actually producing? Are we achieving quantity at the risk of quality? In some industries that could be deadly. According to a Dropbox article “ It turns out a “do more, faster” mindset isn’t actually how people want to work…61% say they want to “slow down to get things right.” What are we sacrificing for the sake of speed?

In my current work, absolute accuracy is critical for the success of my client. When I arrive after a few days away my inclination is to get stuff done fast as my desk is covered in assignments, to dos and other things that look pressing. I need to remind myself that going slow to go fast (something I learned from one of my first bosses) is actually a good mantra. I and I bet you are better off if you slow things down, get it done right the first time and achieve real success

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